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P53 LOT 3 - 3d Perspectives_Colour Schedule.pdf   09/02/19 440.39 KB
P53 LOT 3_201 OVERALL SITE PLAN.pdf   09/02/19 618.62 KB
P53 LOT 3_210 SITE PLAN.pdf   09/02/19 435.23 KB
P53_Lot 3_ COLOUR SCHEDULES Rev. A.pdf   09/02/19 184.26 KB
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These documents are provided in good faith, but are issued without any liability or responsibility for their accuracy or completeness. The recipients acknowledge that during the design and construction certain aspects of a property may have been altered from the planning documents, therefore, the recipients must rely on their own judgement in assessing the information. These documents may be updated throughout the design and construction process and the recipient agrees to receive further communication when these updates occur.

As with all properties we strongly recommend you seek legal, technical or other advice (including insurance and mortgage advice). Should you require any further information to obtain comprehensive legal advice, or should you wish further access to the property for professional advice such as, but not limited to, valuations or construction checks, please let us know and we will organise accordingly. Please note that minor variations to the attached plans and specifications may occur during the construction process.

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Please be aware that the vendor decides upon when, how and on what terms they wish to sell their property. The vendor may: withdraw their property at any point prior to sale; withdraw their property from auction at any time prior to sale and sell it to whom so ever they choose by private treaty; draw all interested parties together in a 'multiple offer' situation; negotiate or sell to one party at the exclusion of others. For these reasons we recommend you carry out your due diligence at the earliest practicable time and let us know of your interest so that we can keep you informed in the event that any of the above occur.

Proposed Unitary Plan
Please see the link below to determine how the Auckland Council Proposed Unitary Plan may affect the property:
Auckland Council Unitary Plan Viewer

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